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Product: Eco-Matic Salt Water Pool System
Code: 87

The Process

Ecomatic uses low levels of common salt at a minimum of 0.4% or 4,000ppm (Half as salty as your own tear drop). This is electrolyzed using an advanced electronic process to sanitize the pool water. The pool is sanitized automatically even when you are away fro extended periods. Models available to suit most pool applications from small patio pools to large commercial installations. Simple to install on any existing or new pool. Suitable for all pool surfaces, including concrete, tile, fiberglass  vinyl liners and PVC.

Ecomatic Advantages

  • No Handling or storing of Chlorine
  • Most Economical Pool Sanitizing System
  • Environmentally friendly. Salt is a natural product.
  • Fully automatic, safe and simple to use
  • Non irritating to skin and eyes
  • Sparkling clear pool water
  • Mild Salt Water has therapeutic benefits
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