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A variety of accessories is in stock for immediate delivery in the most competitive prices, All accessories are imported with and carry the higher quality specifications.
Product: Nature 2 Pro G Plus
Nature 2® Pro Plus combines a mineral purifier with tablets of stabilised slow-acting chlorine in a dispenser to ensure the water in your pool is always soft and healthy.
Product: Ph Perfect-Automatic Controller
Ph Perfect-Automatic Controller measures the pH with a pH probe located in the filtration system, which constantly measures the pH of the water in the pool.  According to the value measured, pH Perfect adjusts the pH of the water with its dosing pump by adding a liquid corrective product. This maintains the water balance at the correct level without any intervention.
Product: 4lb Permanent Line Chemical Feeder
Product: Deluxe Large Chemical Dispenser
Product: 2 Way Reagent Test Kit
Product: 5Way Reagent Test Kit
Product: Deluxe Solar Shower
Product: Showerbase
Product: Stainless Steel Shower
Product: Stainless Steel Solar Shower
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