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Product: Predator Automatic Pool Cleaners
Code: 71

Orca Predator™ comprises  3rd Generation Pool Cleaner technology offering superior performance and reliability. Consisting of no diaphragms, cogs, gears or hammers the Orca Predator™ is like no other automatic pool cleaner.

The Predator™ is driven by a revolutionary ‘engine’ unit, which consists of one moving part and enables the cleaner to glide effortlessly and quietly around your swimming pool floor and walls.

The Orca Predator™ is manufactured utilizing the highest quality materials available, all parts are UV stable and chemical resistant in order to provide many years of trouble free services for your swimming pool.

The Orca Predator™ is suitable for all pool types and surfaces including concrete, fiberglass and vinyl. Simple to install on new and existing pools the Orca Predator™  is complete with its very own auto skim/flow control valve and skimmer plate adaptor. For the new generation in automatic pool cleaning technology, let Predator™  clean your swimming pool today!


Contours to the shape of the pool surface enabling debris to pass underneath and be extracted from the swimming pool.

Main Body and Outer Extension Pipe
Translucent Blue color to enable viewing of debris being extracted from pool surface.

Engine Unit and Ball Valve
The heart of the Predator™ used to propel the cleaner effortlessly around the pool

Foot Pad
Gently cleanses the pool surface to remove algae and debris leaving the pool spotlessly clean’

Deflector Wheel
If necessary enables the Predator™ to man oeuvre away from steps and other obstacles in the pool

Automatic Weir Valve
Enables adjustment of Predator™ Speed and provides surface skimming of leaves and other debris

Universal Weir Adaptor
Enables quick and easy installation of Predator™ to pools skimmer plate

Predator™ 1m Sectional Hose Length
Translucent superior quality fully molded hose length with no glued or welded connection ends for superior performance and reliability… will not kink like spiral wound pool hose and is free of ‘hose memory’ problems associated with full length hoses!

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Preadator Automatic Pool Cleaners
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