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1. What is hydrotherapy?
2. Is a spa the same thing as a hot tub?
3. Maintainance of a spa
1. What is hydrotherapy?

What is hydrotherapy, and can a spa really help relieve pain from arthritis and muscle aches?
Hydrotherapy is simply muscle therapy through the use of hot water that is bubbling or pulsating. And is has been found to be an effective treatment of many types of muscles aches, especially arthritis. In fact, the National Arthritis Foundation recognizes that a daily treatment in a spa may lead to relief from tension, and improve flexibility and range of motion.

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2. Is a spa the same thing as a hot tub?

Yes. Nowadays, the words "spa" and "hot tub" are used interchangeably. Originally, a spa was made of Lucite or acrylic, and hot tub out of hardwood. But today, nearly everything is made of acrylic, so both words can be used.

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3. Maintainance of a spa

How expensive is it to maintain a spa?
If you take care of it, not very expensive at all! Energy and water costs can vary from around $15 to $30 a month if you use your spa regularly. Only if you chemically abuse it, can it become expensive to maintain.

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