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Important and Usefull information for the maintenance of your pool.

1. Sand Filter
2. Maintenance
3. Control of chlorine and ph
4. Weekly usage of chemicals
5. Chemicals and their usage
1. Sand Filter

How does the Sand Filter Cleans?

1. Place the valve handle of filter Filtration position.

2. Start pump.  The pressure of filter normally should be between 8 and 10 PSI.

3. When the pressure passes the 15 PSI then the filter needs to be cleaned.  The cleaning is being made by the following way:

A) Stop pump.

B) Place the valve handle to Backwash position and open the ball valve of drainage.

C) Start pump.  Look at the small glass pot continuously, which is on the filters valve.  You will see that the water that passes through is dirty.  Leave the filter to work till the water become clean.  Usually it needs 1-2 minutes.

D) Stop pump.

E) Place the handle to Rinse position.

F) Start pump and leave filter to work for about 30 seconds.

G) Stop pump.

H) Place handle to Filtration position.  Close the ball valve of drainage.  Start pump.  Now the filter is in normal function.  If your filter is of powder, then immediately after the start of pump apply 1 glass of powder in the skimmer of your swimming pool.

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2. Maintenance

Usage Instructions

“Swimming Pool with Liner inside Facing”

What does the person who will be in charge of maintenance of swimming pool should know:

1. The analyze of water (known as test) should be made twice a week and especially the test of PH that is extremely important.  If the Ph is not right, then none of the chemicals work.

2. The placement of chemicals is recommend to be done in the afternoon, after the vacuum of swimming pool and cleaning of filter.

3. The solid chemicals of swimming pool, is preferred to be applied through skimmers or overflow channel and the liquids to be applied straight in the water or dissolved with water for better and quicker result.

4. The cleaning of swimming pool should be making at least twice a week, even if the swimming pool looks clean.

5. If you realize that there is too much stone in the water that it sticks to the Liner or close the filters, our company will advice you to make “water hardening”, known as softener.  You will have better water and also less chemical consumption.

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3. Control of chlorine and ph

Control Instructions of Chlorine Quantity and PH in the Water

1. Take the glass pot of test kit.

2. Throw 5 drops of Solution No.1 to the test tube, which is next of the yellow indications (test for Chlorine).

3. Then, throw 5 drops of Solution No.2 to the test tube, which is next of the red indications (test for PH Acid).

4. Close the test tubes with the cork.

5. Shake the water that is in the test tubes 3-4 times.

6. The water now according to the quantity of chemicals in the water takes the appropriate color.

7. If the color of the water in the test tube of Chlorine is almost the same color at the ideal position then the quantity of Chlorine is good.  If it is over, meaning more yellow, then the quantity of chlorine is high.  Wait for 1-2 days and then repeat the same.  If it is lower then the quantity of chlorine is low.  Add chlorine.

8. If the color of the water in the test tube of Ph is almost the same color at the ideal position then the quantity of Ph is good.  If it is over (red), then is high and it needs Acid in order to get lower.  Add Solution No.3 in the test tube of Ph, each drop one at a time, till the color in the test tube correspondingly with the color next to it (a dose-index for acid with the test kit is enclosed).  If it is lower then add Soda Ash 2-3 glasses every day until the color in the test tube becomes the same with the colors next to it. 

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4. Weekly usage of chemicals

Weekly Usage of Chemicals

1. Check the chlorine and Ph twice a week.  First balance Ph to the normal level by using Acid and Soda.

2. Add Chlorine powder or Chlorine Tablets in the Skimmers or overflow channel.  You will find the necessary quantity, according to the knowledge you will obtain, because Chlorine is lost with the increase or decrease of the temperature and the usage of the pool.

3. Add ½ liter Algaecide for each 20 tons of water for prevention of greenness.

Note: Always add chemicals after cleaning of filter.  Never put chemicals and afterwards clean the filter. The chemicals are recommending to be applied in the afternoon.  

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5. Chemicals and their usage

Different Kind of Chemicals and Their Use

Chlorine: It kills germs and bacteria in the water in order to keep it clean. The quantity of chlorine in the water should always be higher than lower. Is available in powder and in tablets.  The powder is always applied through skimmers or b/tank.  If the pool is overflow, it is applied during the pump function in about ½ kilo each time. The tablets are placed in the skimmers or in the overflow channel away from the outlets about 2-3 each time. Prefer in the afternoon.

Ph: It shows the quantity of metals in the water. Ph should always be steady in order for the chlorine to influence in the water. Ph is getting lower with Acid and getting higher with Soda.

ACID: It is used to lower Ph.  It is always applied through skimmers or straight from the overflow channel when the swimming pool is on function.  Prefer to throw it in the afternoon. Dosage is written according with the tons of water in the swimming pool and the drops that are dropped from Solution No.3.

Soda: It is used to higher Ph. You drop ½ kilo every day till the color reach the ideal, which is on the red column of Ph.

Algaecide: This chemical is preventing of greenness. It is applied 1 time every 7 days. ½ liter is suitable for 20 tons of water.  Find the analogy according to the tons of your pool water. Drop it straight in the water; 1 glass per week, unless the water is too green and it needs bigger quantity.

Interested to know more? Just pick up the phone and call us on 77771144 or simply send us an email with your name and number and we will call you back. 

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