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Be demanding for your peace of mind by choosing a pool without excessive upkeep, enabling you to swim in crystal clear water!

The water in your pool stays pure thanks to the FX Line filtration system patented by Magiline pools.

The filtration system is 3 times faster than traditional filtration systems and is among the finest on the market!

See the filtration test film

The result is clearer, purer, more crystalline water. In addition, the Magiline broom, simply clipped to the filtration unit and self-powered, leaves the pool clean and tidy in a single cycle.



Project: FX Line Filtration
Throughput 3 to 5 times higher than traditional filtration system (sand type filter). Better movement of the water (no need for a bottom drain).  A filter medium particles down to 15 microns (against 45 microns for a traditional filtration system, with a sand filter. Less chemical means more swimming pleasure.
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