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Product: LM2 Salt Chlorinator

Salt Chlorinator is Suitable for all Types of Pools and Pool Surfaces

Salt chlorination is a simple process not unlike the sea and its ecosystem.

  • The water in the pool is very slightly salty at 4g/l (9 times less than sea water).
  • By salt chlorination, through the cell, the salt is converted into chlorine gas, a powerful disinfectant that dissolves instantly in water.
  • The chlorine gas destroys all the micro-organisms in the cell, whilst continuing to ensure sufficient levels of
    free chlorine in your pool at all times.
  • The active chlorine destroyed by the sun's UV rays, is constantly replenished by the cell without any
    intervention on your part.


Independent System

  • Polarity reversed after 6 hours of actual production: optimum electrodes cleaning.
  • Oxidant produced directly by the Clearwater® electrodes.
  • Continuous optimum disinfection.
  • "No Salt" and "No flow" visual alarms with automatic cut off.
  • The system self-limits in the event of excess salt (up to 13 g/l of salt).

Ease of Use

  • Digital key control unit.
  • Chlorine production setting displayed by six luminous diodes.
  • Monitoring simplified by the transparent cell body.

Technical Characteristics: 

Minimum flow rate:

50 L/min = 3m3/h

Maximum flow rate:

No maximum

Maximum admissible
pressure in the cell:

200 kPa = 2 bars

Maximum water temperature:


Minimum salt content required:

3 g/L
(Content recommended 4 g/L)

Cell position:

the cell must be horizontal, outlets facing

Treatment cell dimensions(LxWxH):

260x80x146 mm


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