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Electric heaters: Heating of outdoor pools, indoor pools or spas. PSA electric heaters consist of a polyamide tube and an electric resistance. The water is heated in contact with the resistance as it passes through the tube.

Heat exchangers: You already heat your home with a boiler? If you use natural gas (mains gas), then don´t hesitate! A heat exchanger connected to a gas boiler is the ideal solution to increase your pool temperature quickly and at a reasonable price. If you have a propane gas or heating oil boiler, this boiler is suitable for occasional pool heating purposes.

Heat pumps: The heat pump is the most economical solution to efficiently heat an outdoor swimming pool. Using the solar energy in the air and transferring it to the water in the pool. For each kWh of consumption recorded by your electricity meter, heat pumps can transfer 5 kWh to your pool. So 80% of the energy is free!

Product: RE/L and Red Line +
L-shaped electric heater / straight electric heater. A PSA electric heater is composed of a polyamide tube and a heating element. The water to be heated is in direct contact with this heating element when it passes through the tube. To heat indoor or outdoor pools and spas. The electric heater may be used to heat the pool all year round.
Product: RE/U - U-shaped electric heater
Patented U-shaped 2 resistance design. You can adapt your heater power to your pool’s needs by using one or both resistances.
Product: Heat Line +
Multitubular heat exchanger. Heat indoor or outdoor pools using the home boiler system. A heat exchanger is the ideal solution if you want the water temperature to increase extremely quickly: 24 to 48 hours to attain 28°C.
Product: Uranus
Plate heat exchanger. Simply programme your heat-exchanger to 28°C, that´s it... During the temperature increase period run the filter pump constantly. As soon as the desired temperature has been attained, switch over to automatic.
Product: Powerpac
Air-water heat pumps. Heating of < 75 m3 private outdoor pools (above ground or in ground).
Product: Edenpac - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Air-water heat pumps. Heating of 0 - 120 m3 private outdoor pools. Edenpac pumps operate at outside air temperatures above 5°C.
Product: Edenpac - 6, 7, 8
Air-water heat pumps. Heating of 100 - 200 m3 private outdoor pools. Edenpac pumps operate at outside air temperatures above 5°C.
Product: Edenpac all Seasons
Edenpac all Seasons heat pumps are able to heat 0 - 100 m3 pools at below-zero air temperatures (to - 7°C). They can therefore be used all year round. They are suitable for heating pools under shelters and indoor pools (with a heater, if necessary, in areas with harsh winters).
Product: Optipac - 15D, 30
The Optipac 15D and 30 heat pumps are ideally suited to heating large private pools in hotels, camp-sites, etc.
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