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Product: Ph Perfect-Automatic Controller

A Ph Controller Designed for all Types of Pool and Pool Surfaces


Easy to Use and Reliable 

  • Maintenance of the water balance is automated.
  • To inject the corrective product, pH Perfect uses a peristaltic dosing pump.
  • Calibration is simple and can be done in less than five minutes.
  • The probe is calibrated by means of a buffer solution in order to make measurement more accurate.

Extremely Adaptable

  • The set value can be adjusted as required.
  • The pH Perfect works in acid or alkaline dosage mode (pH plus or pH minus injection).
  • The calibration can be locked so as to prevent any accidental loss of adjustment to the probe.

Rapid Installation

  • For maximum simplicity:
    - the unit is pre-wired for connection to the pump and the electric power supply,
    - easily wall-mounted by means of a clamp.
  • pH Perfect is supplied complete with:
    - a control unit, equipped with a peristaltic pump,
    - a pH measurement probe,
    - the required hoses (suction and injection),
    - an intake pipe with gas emission stopper equipped with a sensor,
    - buffer solutions.


  • Water that is permanently clear and soft
  • No irritation to the eyes
  • No dryness of the skin
  • No unpleasant taste

Technical Characteristics: 

50 Hz supply:

230 VAC


7 W

Pump flow rate:

1.5 l/h (or 25 ml/min)

Maximum injection cycle:

10 min/h

Maximum back pressure:

1.5 bar

pH scale:

6.2 pH - 8.0 pH

pH verification scale:

0.0 pH - 14.0 pH

Precision of the appliance:

+/- 0.1 ph

Calibration of the sensor:

Buffer solutions

Size (L x w x h):

214 x 174 x 112 mm


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