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Product: Nature 2 Pro G Plus

Pro Plus is Suitable for all Types of Pool and Pool Surfaces

  • Pro Plus combines a mineral purifier with tablets of stabilised slow-acting chlorine in a dispenser to ensure the water in your pool is always soft and healthy.
  • As Pro Plus is controlled by the filtration, the ten 250g stabilised slow-acting chlorine tablets dissolve precisely and evenly in the pool and remain effective for approximately 2 months (in a 75 m3 pool).
  • Once the Pro Plus cartridge has been activated by shock chlorination, the mineral particles combine with the free chlorine to increase the overall disinfectant action. Thanks to the mineral particles' power to kill both bacteria and algae and to clarify the water in your pool, the quantity of slow-acting chlorine needed is reduced by about a half the amount necessary, under normal conditions of use. The pH is also more stable.



Less chlorine
Balanced water requiring fewer tests and checks.

  Independent Operation
• Mineral purification throughout the season.
• Chlorine dispensed for  2 months (for a 75m3 pool - under normal conditions of use).
  Easy setting and adjustment
A milled wheel is used
to adjust the amount
Cartridge: of chlorine.
Fewer chemicals, softer water.

Technical Characteristics: 

Minimum flow rate:


Maximum flow rate:

Above 18m3/hour installation of the treatment cell must be bypass configured.

Maximum admissible pressure in the cell:

300 kPa = 3 bars

Maximum water temperature:


Treatment cell position:


Treatment cell dimensions (LxWxH):

420 x 240 x 460 mm


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