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Click here to see our swimming pool liner productsRiviera uses only a tried, special ‘Liner’ to line the inside of the pool. This material is imported from Canada and is made specifically for Riviera. It is made of PVC, it is 1.5mm thick, and it is reinforced with polyester fibers.

The 3 ply PVC liner ensures that your pool remains water-tight even if a crack develops in the frame of the pool. In cases of small leaks, Riviera’s divers can repair the leak even if the pool is filled. As a result – depending on the chemicals used – that the 3 ply PVC can last for up to 10 years.


The most important qualities of the CGT Pool Vinyl liner

1. High quality raw materials are used for the making of these products.

2. To enhance the products further, on –going development and research is conducted and raw materials are selected based on the findings of this research. This ensures that the basic product characteristics and standards are met.

3. In order to ensure that standards are met, the quality control of each batch of products includes electronic detection of colour, stretching stability, and control of thickness.

4. Defined guidelines are established to ensure the high quality of the attributes of the materials. For example:

 a) High tolerance and resistance against fracturing, tearing, and piercing.

 b) High resistance against cracking under low temperatures -37.2°C (-35°F) or even better temperatures -40°C (-40°F).

 c) Minimum loss of elasticity so flexibility is preserved.

5. Satisfactory resistance against decolouration of mono-colour liners which can result from chlorine; the durability of the stamped patterns is due to the special inks that are used.

6. CGT materials provide high resistance against weather conditions such as sun intensity, moisture and heat.

7. The fungus killing component of the CGT provides extra protection against discolouration which is caused by chlorine and fungus.

8. The special clear finishing which is placed on top of the stamped designs increases protection against wearing and reduces the attachment of soil on the liner.

The appearance of the stamped Vinyl liners has improved significantly with the use of the electronic stamp technology; stamping is done with cylinders which are engraved with designs. The use of electronic stamp technology resulted in the increase of the production speed, well defined designs and excellent uniformity of colour.

Click here to see our swimming pool liner products

Advantages in using a heavier (Heavier Gauge) CGT Pool Vinyl

1. The durability indicators listed (tearing, tension, etc.) are based on the strength that is needed per millimeter. For example, if a sheet has a thickness of 20ga and another sheet has a thickness of 30ga, and they both have a tearing durability of 170gms/mil., then the total durability of the 20ga sheet is 170x20=3400 gms, and the 30ga sheet has a durability of 170x30=5100. Therefore the thicker the liner is, the higher the durability is.

2. Higher durability against piercing.

3. The rate of elasticity loss is smaller, therefore the flexibility lasts longer. This factor is important in the long term use of the liner.

Better stretching stability, which is certified by laboratory tests.

Click here to see our swimming pool liner productsRecommended care for pool liners

1. Keep the appropriate water chemical balance
a) pH between 7.2 and 7.6
b) Alkalinity between 80 and 100 ppm (unit of measurement per million)
c) Total level of calcium should be 200ppm minimum.

2. Keep the free chlorine between 1.5 ppm and 2.5 ppm. It is easier for mold and bacteria to develop when the level drops below 1.5 ppm; this will result in the appearance of stains on the liner.

3. If the pH level drops below 7.0, folds will appear in the liner. There is a high possibility that this will happen if the ph is not balanced with the addition of dichloroisocyanurate and the chlorine level remains at a high level for a long period of time. For this reason, it is recommended that dichloroisocyanurate is added regularly in order to keep its level over 50 ppm.

4. Dilute hypochlorite calcium and/or other sanitary products. After you filter these products, add the solution into the pool to prevent discolouration of the liner. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Check whether there are any diluted metal or calcium residues in the water, which can cause stains. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to neutralize the diluted metal residues the correct way.

6. The different types of chemical products should not be mixed and added together to the water. The mixing of chemical products, which separately have no effect, may create a chemical reaction which can cause stains or discolouration of the liner. Wait until each chemical product is fully diluted before adding another chemical product in the water.

Riviera Swimming Pools is an expert in swimming pool liner replacements in Cyprus.

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Interested to know more? Just pick up the phone and call us on 77771144 or simply send us an email with your name and number and we will call you back.

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