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All plumbing equipment is made by the best European firms, and they are especially (U – PVC, PN10, PN16) made for use in the specific conditions of the pools i.e. high pressure and a wet environment which is enriched with chemicals.

The special cleaning filter (filament wound sand filter) is made from ‘fiber glass’ of a unified surface without seams or week points, which can withstand a pressure of up to 3,5bar. 

The European pump for water recycling (self priming) which is used, is universally known for its high standards. It is of high durability, has the strength to transport large amounts of water, it is quiet and it can be used with sweet water mixed with chemicals as well as saline water. (See more information about the European pump for water recycling)

The electric board is made with durable materials which meet industrial standards which provide high safety.  It has safety switches and special automated features which regulate the operation of the pump and the lights, and they are approved by the electrical and mechanical services of Cyprus.

Electric cables ‘armor able’ 2x6mm with an external plastic cover and an internal layer of galvanized material which can be placed directly into the ground without having to use a plastic pipe.

Lights:  (12V/300VA) with a transformer which changes for your total safety the electric current from 240V to 12V.

Need help with the maintenance of your swimming pool? Just pick up the phone and call us on 77771144 or simply send us an email with your name and number and we will call you back.

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