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Our company Riviera Swimming Pools Ltd offers the prorate guarantee for the below mentioned Electromechanical and constructive works that has undertake, meaning that the mentioned damage is caused from willing action and/or neglecting and/or carelessness of the buyer and/or his representative and/or any third person that does not represent the company.

1) The recycling pump of water is covered from the manufacturers for 2 years of guarantee for the electrical motor of the pump. This guarantee covers labor and repair expenses.

2) The water-cleaning filter is covered from the manufacturer for a 10-year guarantee on the container. This guarantee covers labor and repair expenses.

3) All the tubages around the swimming pool including the engine room are covered for a ten-years guarantee in case of loss of water at the joins. The switches (ball valves) and check valves are exempted.

4) The electrical installations around the swimming pool and, as well as, inside the engine room, are covered with period of 10 years guarantee. Lamp stand (known as lamps) as well as any electrical accessories that have been oxidized from the humidity, as a result of bad maintenance and protection, in not covered. The electrical panel has a guarantee of 5 years in labor costs and repair expenses.

5) For a period of 20 years* the main construction (concrete) are covered for not being decayed and for their demolition. But are not covered in cafe of:

     A) Cracks from contraction-expansion

     B) Sinking of ground

     C) Any damage from earthquake

6) For the swimming pools that are placed ceramics, in case of their ungluing are covered for period of      5 years. Meaning that the measuring of usage of chemicals that the company recommends is maintained on the right levels.

7) On the delivery of the swimming pool and for a period of 2 years from its function, the company guarantees only on the swimming tank that there will not be any leak.

8) For the swimming pools that the inside facing is with liner, is covered for a period of 10 years on the joints.

9) Any damages occurs on the prorate* guarantee, the company according to its judgment has the right to exchange or repair or add or take away accessory or material for the repair of the above mentioned damage.

10) The company has the right to withdraw any oral or written warranty that has been given to the customer, in case he doesn't observe the instructions and the indicated chemicals of maintenance that the company recommends and provides.

Prorate guarantee: Means e.g. 10 years warranty. In case of loss or damage of any accessory or material (supposed) at 9 years of the guarantee, the company has the obligation to pay the cost of repair of the 1st year that is left and the customer the cost of the rest 9 years, and in the company, if an accessory or material is ruined on the 1st year of guarantee the company has the obligation to take the responsibility for the cost of repair of the 9 years and the customer of the 1st one.


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