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MAGIpool, the construction of your swimming pool becomes child's play.

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Your pool of 1m50 and 1m20 height, it’s your choice.

MAGIpool is a revolutionary concept that allows you easily and simply to build a real traditional reinforced concrete swimming pool. A true MAGILINE Swimming pools innovation, the MAGIpool has a modular structure that is very simple to assemble. Thanks to this structure you can easily build the swimming pool of your dreams of up to 14mx7m.


The MAGIpool principle is simple, just clip the basic units together, in the same way as a construction set.

You will thus easily create the structure modules of your swimming pool. MAGIpool is equipped with adjustable base stands. They guarantee its stability and allow perfect adjustment of your structure to be made before the pouring of the concrete.

So that your water is always crystal clear, you possess a high performance fi ltration system perfectly suited to the size of your swimming pool: PERFECT'filtre.

This patented MAGILINE Swimming Pools system possesses a revolutionary hydraulic concept: the flow reducer. Thanks to this innovation the water is restored by your filtration, and the volume pumped is greatly reduced compared with a traditional system of the same power.

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