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QUALIpool, an innovation from Piscines Magiline, an 8x4-metre swimming pool that packs all of Magiline's know-how into a kit.

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        Qualipool is simple and easy


Its construction takes only 5 steps:

1. Earthmoving (1 day*)

2. The installation and adjustment of the structure (1 day*). The patented Magiline structure lets you simply assemble the panels with the reinforcements provided. The legs are adjustable for perfect positioning and perfect levelling. The Perfect Filtre filtration system is pre-assembled in the factory to make it easier for you to install.

3. The pouring of the concrete (1 day*). In this step, you build your swimming pool in accordance with the French limit-state design rules for reinforced concrete, the standard applied to the construction of bridges and water towers.

4. The installation of the copings (1 day*). After the concrete dries, you can install your copings without waiting and they will be integral with your swimming pool.

5. The installation of the liner (1 day*). The last step before filling your pool with water. The liner makes your swimming pool perfectly water-tight.   

Click to see a bigger version



 QUALIpool is delivered with:       

  • The modules of your structure, 1.20 metres high, with adjustable legs
  • The module including the low-consumption Lightis spotlight
  • The steps of your Arena corner stairs
  • The reinforcements for your structure (except wire netting)
  • A structure adjustment kit with line and crank
  • The pre-assembled PerfectFiltre filtration system
  • A 15-micron filter cartridge with its pre-filter basket
  • A booster pump
  • Felt and glue for the installation of your liner
  • The liner and its installation kit
  • A suction kit for the placement of the liner
  • A maintenance kit with skimmer, brush, and broom 

QUALIpool can be equipped with the SECURItech, above-ground shutter, the ELYSEA heat pump, and the MAGIsport2 counter-flow swim.

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