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  List of pool chemical products

Chlorine stabilizer: it is used in small amounts to slow down the evaporation of free chlorine by stabilizing the consumption of chlorine to the minimum.

Chlorines tablets: sodium dichloroisocyanurate (200gr each tablet): it is used in the skimmers or the balancing tank and release small amounts of chlorine when the pump is running. It constantly chlorinates the water and kills bacteria when the swimming pool is used.


Chlorine granular: sodium dichloroisocyanurate: in granular form. It is used for immediate chlorination of the swimming pool. It dissolves fast and leaves no residue at the bottom of the pool.

5 actions tablets

Flocculant clarifier

Pooltrine algaecide: keeps water free of algae and slime. An effective supplement against green, black and mustard algae. It keeps the water fresh and clean.

Gold-n- clear: water brightener: Gold- n- clear is a revolutionary water treatment formula that turns pool water from cloudy to clear.....like magic. A unique water color transformation from golden to blue occurs when it reacts with micro-particles in the water. This change of colour indicates that the clarifying action has began.

Swimtrine algaecide: kills green and mustard algae. Swimtrine plus can kills effectively and economically algae and prevents re-growth and does not require the closing of the pool in order to use it.


Tilemax plus: removes scale, stains and oil built up. It is a thick formula that clings to upright surfaces, and it is safe on concrete, tile and vinyl liners. This is a very strong formula that can remove even the dirtiest sun line on your liner and on the tiles of the pool.

Yellowtrine: fast treatment for yellow and mustard algae. Yellowtrine is a granular formula that helps clear slimy yellow and mustard algae in swimming pools. When used directly, Yellowtrine clears water quickly. It can be used in any type of swimming pool.

GLB, oxy – brite: non-chlorine shock with exclusive blue water and brightening crystals. It is used to clarify and cleanse the water.

Wintertrine: an alkaline substance that keeps your pool algae-free all winter long. It is a very strong concentrated algaecide that prevents the forming of algae (a pool cover is needed for this chemical).

Antialgas: algaecide, double concentration: it is used weekly to prevent the forming of algae in the swimming pool.

Shocktrine: shock oxidizer, removes contaminants that cause cloudy water, burning of the eyes and odours

Soda ash: sodium carbonate is very important for keeping the ph levels at a normal range of 7.2 -7.6. Soda ash  is applied to increase the ph in the water when needed.

Dry acid: sodium bisulphate is very important for keeping your ph levels at a normal range of 7.2 -7.6. Dry acid is used to reduce the ph in water.

Prevent plus: keeps water crystal clear and prevents deposits of substances all year round. Prevent plus will prevent the appearance of non- metallic yellow, green and brown water deposits and will add sparkle to your water throughout the swimming season. The use of Prevent plus as a regular part of your maintenance program, will reduce pool water, filter and surface maintenance. It allows swimming immediately after application.

Silvertrine: controls the destruction of algae and algal slime. Silvertrine is tasteless, odorless and non foaming at pool concentration and may reduce other chemical usage.

Staintrine: removes and prevents stains and the formation of scales. Staintrine's dual action formula removes fast most stains that are caused by metals or minerals  and needs no testing or draining. When added as part of your weekly maintenance program, staintrine can also prevent the appearing of stains. This powerful formula gives longer lasting protection and prevents pool surfaces from damage that metal and mineral stains can cause. It can be used in all swimming pool types.


Need help with the maintenance of your spa? Just pick up the phone and call us on 77771144 or simply send us an email with your name and number and we will call you back.

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